Expert estimate of the Covid immunity rate at around 70 percent

However, the researchers also have difficulties in this area of ​​dealing with the pandemic with the most recently reported data. The number of tests and the number of infections documented in this way fell sharply, especially around the end of the quarantine. This also causes the immunity estimate to drop slightly again. Whether all of this corresponds to reality is very questionable. From this it follows that in the current data situation it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the “reporting system that has been tried and tested for years”, according to the scientist. What is needed now is functioning wastewater monitoring as quickly as possible or a resilient sentinel system with resident doctors, as is the case for influenza cases, if you want to keep an eye on the epidemiological situation in the future.

In the direction of autumn, the recently high number of Covid 19 infections and the resulting temporary immunities should be seen as an advantage, says Bicher. Ultimately, this is a good prerequisite for a more balanced distribution of the burden of illnesses on the healthcare system in the coming months.

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