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Experts dampen expectations of drugs against corona

Experts dampen expectations of drugs against corona

As the next wave of corona builds up, more and more warnings are being raised: Laypersons overestimate the treatment options for viral infections with medication. Now the head of the German Association of General Practitioners, Ulrich Weigeldt, also speaks out: There are “high expectations of the effect of drugs against Corona”.

“Of course it is very gratifying that progress is being made in the development of effective drugs against severe Covid courses,” said the expert. “But politicians shouldn’t give the impression that doctors just have to prescribe more anti-corona drugs and everything will be fine. While this idea may be seductive, it does not correspond to the facts.”

The drug Paxlovid, which is approved in Austria, counteracts severe courses. But – as Weigeldt emphasizes: “It can be very helpful for a small group of high-risk patients, but it is not a ‘game changer’ for the general population.” be taken.

“Simply demanding that the doctors pull out the prescription pad earlier and we have the pandemic under control would be far too short-sighted,” said Weigeldt: “The most effective of all measures is and remains vaccination.”

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