Fewer people who remain seated in the Corona year and the lessons from this

Susanna Öhlinger, on the other hand, wishes that “in the long term we will return to the original performance assessments in order to be able to ensure a high-level school leaving certificate.”

But that won’t be easy at all: “Many gaps have been opened up that many will carry with them for a long time to come,” states Herbert Weiß. In addition, the long distance learning has an impact on learning: “We have noticed that many have a problem with discipline, concentration and work attitude. Learning at home made it a lot easier to dive in.”

Despite all the crises: “Corona has brought some things forward in the school system much faster than would have been conceivable before,” says teacher representative Weiß: “There was an enormous boost in digitization.”

At the same time, it has been shown that learning cannot work exclusively digitally, but that relationships are decisive for learning success – the relationship between the teacher and the students as well as that between the children and young people themselves. “Personal contacts remain the most important thing. Digital media are just another tool available to teachers,” states Herbert Weiß.

The student representatives draw their own lessons from the pandemic years: “As the federal student representative, we demand that the annual grade should also be included in the Matura grade in the long term,” demands Öhlinger.

Incidentally, the better grades had consequences for the economy and the universities: While companies complain that they are finding too few apprentices because there are fewer school dropouts, the universities recorded growth – and that after there were fewer students in previous years.

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