Flu Season: Surge in Reported Cases

In the previous calendar week (week 46) there was a sudden increase in influenza detections in Austria. However, the Center for Virology at MedUni Vienna reported on Thursday that the epidemic level – i.e. a flu epidemic – has not yet been reached. There were more cases, especially in Vienna, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria. The flu reporting service of the City of Vienna estimated 16,250 new cases of flu and influenza for the previous week.

In the two weeks before that, there had been almost 11,000 cases in Vienna, which was relatively constant. In addition, Vienna had not recorded more than 8,000 flu infections and cases of “real flu” in week 46 of the past three years of the corona pandemic.

Good efficacy of the vaccine

The viruses detected so far in Austria show a good match with the vaccine strains contained in the vaccines this season, the MedUni had recently emphasized the good effectiveness of the vaccine. The Vienna Medical Association reported on Thursday in a broadcast that the free flu vaccination in the capital is in full swing in more than 1,000 participating surgeries.

Around 200,000 vaccine doses can be vaccinated in the private sector. This corresponds to about half of the total quota that the City of Vienna has planned for this winter and is also offering in its vaccination centers. In the meantime, 130,000 doses have been called up by the doctors.

“The rush is enormous, especially among senior citizens,” reported Naghme Kamaleyan-Schmied, deputy chairwoman of the curia of resident doctors of the Vienna Medical Association and herself a general practitioner.

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