How does the Brazilian team prepare its mind and body for the World Cup?

There are less than three days to the official start of the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar, the Brazilian soccer team continues in intense training. After all, participating in one of the biggest sports competitions on the planet, representing your country of origin and being watched by millions of people around the globe is a task that requires a high level of preparation of mind and body.

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Here, playing football at an excellent level is the “basic” to join the Brazilian team, which is preparing to win the sixth place in the 2022 World Cup. adapt to routine changes.

To win the 2022 World Cup, the Brazilian national football team will need to control both mind and body (Image: Rhett Lewis/Unsplash)

National team players must adopt new habits to win the 2022 World Cup

In order for the performance of high-performance athletes to be optimized during the 2022 World Cup, the Brazilian soccer team must adopt a series of new habits and routines — which must be maintained until the end of the championship, scheduled for the 18th of December. This is what Adriana Oliveira, a physiotherapist at the AmorSaúde popular clinic system, points out.

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“In a sports competition that demands as much as a World Cup, it is extremely important that athletes undergo in-depth guidance from health professionals, so that they can perform optimally, without harming their health or the performance of the team. “, he states.

Sleeping well and keeping sexual reserve should be two new habits for the Brazilian soccer team during the World Cup (Image: Krisprahl/Envato)

At this point, the specialist highlights some measures that can be adopted by athletes to maintain and improve performance, such as:

  • Sleep between 8 to 10 hours a night;
  • Consume carbohydrate with rapid absorption;
  • Drinking a larger volume of water than usual;
  • Adhere to sexual reserve (maintain sexual abstinence).

On the controversial issue of sexual reserve, Oliveira recalls that “sex causes physical exhaustion, decreases testosterone and even reduces muscle strength”. As it can harm the performance of the athlete, it is temporarily vetoed.

Did the Brazilian team have time to physically prepare for the World Cup?

In this World Cup in Qatar, there is still a specificity. The final hammer on the complete lineup of players for the Brazilian national team was only beaten on November 7th. This means that the preparation period for the athletes was shorter than usual – the standard is about a month.

Because of this, some fans have questioned whether the team is really ready to win the sixth championship. According to Alex Rodrigo Silva Lopes, physiotherapist at AmorSaúde, this should not necessarily be a problem for players.

“Indeed, the period between the announcement made by the [técnico] Tite and the start of the championship represents little time to prepare for a high-level competition like the World Cup”, points out Lopes. On the other hand, “players have been trained for this for months, because both the clubs in Brazil and the international teams, in which the players called up play, have great structures to make the athletes physically ready to represent their selections, in case of call-up”, he adds.

To prepare the mind and body, training for the Brazilian team needs to be intense (Image: LightFieldStudios/Envato)

In fact, Lopes comments on a possible benefit for members who are part of a European team. “Those playing in Europe, for example, are in the middle of a season, so you could say they’re at their physical peak,” he says.

Psychological and mental challenges for those participating in the World Cup

If the body is up to date, it is essential that the Brazilian team also enter the field with a balanced mind and a calm mind, even if this is really difficult. “All athletes have specific preparation to experience periods of great emotion throughout annual championships, however, in unique moments such as the World Cup, there is an attribution of singular importance to the career of professionals, which causes high levels of stress. psychological”, confirms Lopes.

Even cases of gastroenteritis — a condition that causes diarrhea and gastritis — can be reported by players, affecting the performance of the Brazilian team. This is just one of the complications that an unbalanced psychological state can impose on selection.

Controlling the psychological will be essential for us to win the sixth World Cup in Qatar (Image: Footageproduction/Envato)

In particular, the situation must be even more complicated for players who are going to the World Cup for the first time, such as Richarlyson, Rodrygo, Eder Militão, Antony, Raphinha, Pedro, Paquetá and Vinícius Júnior. Therefore, “it is important that those who are undergoing this type of situation for the first time take care of their mental health, their diet and use the smallest amount of medication possible”, adds Lopes.

When they take to the field next Thursday (24th) against Serbia, the expectation is that the Brazilian players will be prepared in mind and body for the World Cup, in Qatar. Throughout the championship, these health issues still need to be monitored and the factor of injuries, torn ligaments and fractures must also be considered in the equation. Despite the adversities, the hexa can finally be conquered by our selection.

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