If you like to celebrate Christmas, you should get your jewelry out now. Say psychologists. Or make new ones. Says the Frankfurt Christmas Fair. Because nature-loving minimalism is booming on the Christmas tree this year – homemade baubles, sustainable decoration.

And why tree?!? The author can claim the floor here three years ago Christmas tree shame to have invented it, just for fun, to forestall Greta (climate pickers didn’t exist yet) – today it is used in all seriousness: Can you cut down a coniferous tree in climate times, when a fir produces more oxygen than any deciduous tree? And where studies tell us that the plastic tree from China (!) is more ecological because you can use it for a long time?

One may. Because the tree is planted especially for it. And you can also attach more than one nut and a bow. Because, keyword psychologist, Christmas is a celebration of joy, not moral acid.

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