Just happy

The sun is our life, because without it it would be a bit dead on earth. Nevertheless, it is constantly lamented:

If it shines too much and continuously, everything becomes too dry and the climate warms up too much – as we know since Greta, it’s our own fault if it doesn’t rain at first and then hail hails house and yard.

If it doesn’t shine, our photovoltaic system will starve, if we have one (if not, we won’t get any more because nobody installs them); when it shines, the state usually eats up the excess electricity.

And then there’s always the ever-wise warning in early summer: smear it on when you go out in the sun! But only not with chemical filters that can get into the bloodstream (and there, God forbid, meet and dance with Mr. Bill Gates’ corona chips).

We could also just be happy if it finally gets sunny in early summer from next week. Where is the talent for simply being happy?

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