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Just happy

The odds of slipping on a banana peel today, Saturday the 14th, are statistically as great as they were on Friday the 13th. Or larger. Because yesterday we concentrated on not slipping, while today, relieved that nothing happened, we’re walking Hans-Look-in-the-air.

On the other hand, who eats bananas during strawberry season and throws away the skin? And isn’t 13 lucky?

With superstition, it’s difficult seasonally: you won’t find the lucky four-leaf clover in winter (the New Year’s stick isn’t valid!). And in summer you rarely see chimney sweeps (which only bring luck if you see a window cushion + a mailbox and hold a button at the same time – today it’s lucky if you find a mailbox at all).

In other words: luck is best forged by yourself. The able and the stupid literally have a head start. Well, almost everyone.

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