"milestone" succeeded in protecting sharks

In the World Species Conference Cites in Panama A breakthrough has been made in protecting sharks. After a long tug of war, 60 shark species were placed under international protection for the first time on Thursday (local time). Environmental organizations spoke of a milestone and a groundbreaking moment for the protection of these marine animals. The decision still has to be confirmed in the plenary session of the conference next week.

184 states meet

The 184 contracting states of the CITES species protection convention have been meeting in Panama since Monday. The aim of the convention is to limit international trade in wild animals and plants in such a way that the survival of endangered species is ensured. Trade is then strictly regulated or banned entirely.

In the future, 54 requiem sharks and six other hammerhead sharks may only be traded sustainably. So far, few shark species have been protected under cites. Sharks are hunted for their fins and meat and traded internationally. Several species are critically endangered or already threatened with extinction.

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