"racists" and "orcs": War changes language

The Russian war against Ukraine also has an impact on the language in the neighboring country. The Russian occupiers are now often referred to as occupiers in Ukraine, just like the Germans did in World War II. Above all, they are called “racists” – a mixture of “Rashya”, as Russia is pronounced in English, and fascist. “Racist” is now even used in the news.

“Fighter of Good”

In doing so, the Ukrainians are also countering one of Moscow’s justifications for the war of aggression – that their country must be purged of alleged fascists. In order to characterize the fight against Russia as a fight of good against evil, their own troops are spoken of as “fighters for good”.

The Russian troops are said to come from “Mordor”, a hotbed of evil based on the fantasy world of JRR Tolkien and his “Lord of the Rings”. Even before the atrocities in the capital’s suburbs became known, the Russian soldiers were known as “orcs” – plundering bands of inhuman beings and willing executors of evil.

As a sign of disregard, many media have started to write the surname of Russian President Vladimir Putin with only the first few letters: putin. Russia often only gets a small r.

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