Raid on well-known child psychiatrist Winterhoff

As the Southgerman newspaper reported, 100 police officers searched the practice of child psychiatrist Michael Winterhoff. There was also a raid on child and youth welfare facilities that worked with him.

There are several reports of physical harm against the best-known child psychiatrist in Germany. The public prosecutor’s office confirmed that raids were carried out: “on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm due to possible unprofessional treatment (…) with the aim of securing patient files”.

Welcome talk show guest

Almost a year ago, criminal charges were filed against Winterhoff (the KURIER reported). Shortly before that, the Bonn psychiatrist was still toting around from one talk show to the next and spreading his provocative theses, which he also made known in the bestsellers “Why Children Become Tyrants” and “Germany Dumbed Down”.

southern german and WDR finally uncovered his treatment methods in 2021, and former patients made serious allegations against him.

Strong neuroleptics

The psychiatrist prescribed them – sometimes without a diagnosis – heavily sedating neuroleptics (have depressant effects and are often prescribed for symptoms such as hallucinations). Above all, many of those affected had to take the drug Pipamperon for years.

Dangerous side effects

These drugs can cause numerous side effects. They range from fatigue and excessive weight gain to diabetes and heart disease. In addition, studies indicate that the funds can help to reduce brain mass – the children’s intelligence is reduced.

Always the same diagnoses

Parents and also guardians of Children, many of whom were in youth welfare facilities, complained that they had not been adequately informed about the drugs. In at least one case, the legal guardians were apparently not informed at all. According to Winterhoff, it was a misunderstanding.

WDR and southern german spoke to more than 20 former patients and viewed their documents.

Winterhoff gave them all the diagnosis “developmental retardation with fixation in early childhood narcissism” and “parent-child symbiosis”. He also describes this clinical picture in his books. However, the diagnosis is not recognized in specialist circles and does not appear in any textbooks.

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