School book publisher öbv launches training courses for teachers

The teacher is the central figure in the school. Your lessons will determine which competencies the students will have at the end of their school years. But when looking for the necessary tools, they often do not find what they are looking for.

One of the judgments about the further training courses at the teacher training colleges or the internal school further training courses is not sufficiently practical. This was also the result of a survey commissioned by the school book publisher öbv, in which around 500 teachers from all subjects and school types took part. According to this, about half of the teachers are of the opinion that there are not enough relevant further training offers for them. 34 percent also consider the training they last attended to be of little help.

Around 46 percent assessed their training as not relevant to practice, 44 percent as not specific enough. The teachers surveyed would like to receive documents that can be used directly in the classroom. In terms of topics, they particularly want offers on innovative teaching methods (56 percent) and on creating their own digital materials (53 percent).

“Well Covered”

This is where the new digital teacher training of the öbv comes in. “Well covered” would be the areas of professional training and didactic content, said öbv managing director Maximilian Schulyok at a press conference on Wednesday. The publisher has therefore set up an online platform for other areas. “If the system doesn’t provide what you need, we won’t wait for the system, we will do it ourselves.”

The new platform lorn is subject to a fee – according to the survey, almost half of the teachers were also willing to pay for a suitable offer. On average, that was 11.25 euros per hour – about half the cost of a tutoring lesson for schoolchildren, according to Schulyok. A fifth of the schools are willing to pay at least part of the costs.

The around 25 units currently on offer focus on using tools such as Microsoft Teams, One Note or the game-based learning platform Kahoot, which is often used in the classroom to make quizzes on topics that have been covered. Other topics include dealing with parents or organizing a successful school event. The offer is to be gradually expanded – most courses cost 11.26 euros, an annual subscription for all 225 euros.

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