Sin Synergy

Now you can submit again for the word of the year. Last year, the “shadow chancellor” made the running (politically he was soon out of the race). And the “lateral thinker” was chosen as a bad word (that doesn’t bother him to this day).

Speaking of nonsense: could someone please submit “chalet village”? Or “cruise ship”?

The two deadly sins of tourism cannot be stopped right now. Where a cow stands in the flat landscape, post-alpine huts emerge that together pretend to be a mountain village. Where a town is unlucky enough to be on the coast, a giant pot anchors and spills thousands of short-term visitors into the town, who have to be back on board for the seventh all-you-can-eat meal.

It’s a shame that chalet villages aren’t exclusively on islands far out in the sea and cruise ships are only allowed to call at them – that would be a sinful synergy that everyone else would benefit from.

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