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Study: Change jobs often, get more money

Study: Change jobs often, get more money

Viennese McKinsey partner Angelika Reich

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Every voluntary job change should bring up to 30 percent more salary. Vienna McKinsey partner and study author Angelika Reich explains why.

from Roxanna Schmit

KURIER: According to the new McKinsey study, frequent, voluntary job changes result in higher salaries. Why is that?

Angelica Reich: With every job change, a certain skill distance has to be overcome. According to the study, on average you learn 25 percent of new skills. Your own qualifications improve and you get better-paying jobs.

What does this mean for employees?

Look for jobs that require more skills. This requires courage and the willingness to develop.

So how often should you change jobs?

If you make targeted skill jumps every two to three years, there is an opportunity to skip several pay grades in the course of a career.

What should employers take away from the study?

Recruiting should be braver when choosing candidates. The development potential of the applicants should increasingly be the focus and promoted.

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