"The first immortal man already exists"

Does that mean in a further step that the genes are changed? How far can one intervene in the DNA?

There are already gene editing therapies that can be used to “cut out” genetic diseases, i.e. mutations that can lead to diseases. However, it will still take around 30 years before what is genetically engineered for the majority of diseases is available and so cheap that it is really suitable for the masses. There is a high probability that different regions in the world deal with this question differently. The world’s largest genetics institute, the Beijing Genomics Institute, is in China. My book “2030” deliberately describes increasing tourism to Singapore. Of course, it’s ethically debatable. Of course we have to talk about it, there are people who don’t want that. According to our forecast, however, the majority see a benefit.

Will being sick become obsolete?

Not all diseases will go away and accidents will continue to exist. Today, however, illness is often perceived as a regrettable stroke of fate. If these technologies are actually available on the mass market, illness will no longer be a stroke of fate, but the stupidity of a person who knew better but did not act accordingly. These technologies are causing us to change the way we think about illness.

If we influence the genes, store organs, hardly get sick – is eternal life approaching?

In the last 200 years we have doubled the life expectancy of humans – from 40 to 80 years, which is an incredible achievement in medicine. Now we’re going to keep increasing it, not doubling it, but maybe from 80 to 120. Of course, that leads to the question of how to deal with so many people in the world. There will be countries that will quote this, e.g. B. In a family, only one person may arise when one person leaves. In our culture, where we place great emphasis on personal responsibility, according to current forecasts, a cultural technique will be introduced, e.g. B. goes to a clinic for his 100th birthday and decides whether it should continue. Should it continue, then I have spare parts fitted, or it could continue digitally.


The prognosis resonates that within the next 50 to 100 years we will be able to reproduce and copy the brain in a computer. Before death there is a brain upload and it continues digitally in a way that I can’t yet estimate, but billions are invested in it. If the average age for the generation of our children today actually rises to 120, I will say provocatively: the first immortal human beings already exist. My son is seven years old. The probability that when he is 120 years old this upload is possible is relatively high.

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