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The time when the leaves are falling is also the time when surveys rain down on us: 84 percent of Austrians would rather buy their Christmas presents in a shop than online (study client: a shopping center); 83% want to visit a Christmas market (client: the Christkind, no, the trade association); 43% will give vouchers.

The survey of how much we spend on average on Christmas presents is only coming because Black Friday comes before that, when every Austrian spends 250 euros on bargains – but who is spending my 250?

Surveys that are still needed: How many Austrians cut their toenails before Christmas Eve (watch out, sock gifts)? On average, how many cups of Mozartkugel punch does it take to vomit? And how often do you listen to Last Christmas? And how many percent of Austrians are all the surveys so powidl – but there’s no client for that, unfortunately.

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