Two grooves

Days that are as unspectacular as September 26 in and of themselves often have enormous significance in history: On the last Monday in September 135 years ago, Emil Berliner from Hanover reported the gramophone that uses the record he had developed as a sound carrier , patent pending.

For those born later: For a long time, music did not come from mobile phones, but from a black disk, from whose spiral grooves (front and back) a gramophone needle, later record player needle, conveyed sounds into loudspeakers. Without this invention, George Gershwin, Olivia Newton John or Bryan Ferry (born on September 26th) would never have made it into our auditory canals, and the last Beatles LP “Abbey Road” (released on September 26th, 1969) would never have existed.

Even today, no audio CD and nothing streamed has even the spark of a sound chance against the authentic world of sound that penetrates the ear from a record. Who still has ears to hear. Not just on the 26th.

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