U4 boss: "The reopening of night gastronomy came weeks too early"

It can be celebrated again: How the manager of the cult discotheque U4 stands on the openings.

from Roxanna Schmit

KURIER: Two weeks ago the doors of the nightclubs and clubs finally opened: how did you experience the first weekends?
Michael Gross: As expected, it went very well. However, the number of guests was significantly higher than we could accommodate in the club.

Did you expect this rush?
We expected this and almost doubled our staff accordingly, especially the security staff. Due to the 2G controls, entry took longer and became a problem in terms of space, because long queues formed as a result. Otherwise everything went smoothly.

Given the rising Covid numbers, was the reopening too early?
She was probably a few weeks early. From an economic point of view, the upcoming staff shortage due to corona infections will be an issue. A later opening would probably have been more relaxed.

What do you expect for the coming days?
We expect it will stay that full any day.

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