Valneva will probably not produce a corona vaccine

The Franco-Austrian biotech group Valneva may not make a second attempt for a Covid 19 vaccine. While Valneva is in ongoing talks with a potential partner for a second-generation vaccine, these could last several months and may not be successful, Valneva warned Monday.

The company will only make such a vaccine if it gets the necessary funding.

Valneva’s inactivated vaccine against Covid-19 was approved in the EU at the end of June, but the company had to deal with numerous setbacks on the way there.

A few weeks later, the European Commission drastically reduced the supply contract to up to 2.5 million doses from the original 60 million, partly because of delays in the approval process and lower demand for vaccines caused by an oversupply of vaccines in the EU. Valneva has since halted production.

It was only announced last week that Goldman Sachs analyst Keyur Parekh had reassessed the chances of the vaccine manufacturer with the corona vaccine VLA2001 in a study available on Friday. Due to significantly lower EU orders, Valneva had to terminate a production partner, among other things, in return for compensation payments.

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