We are looking for: Digital ace for a KURIER internship

Man is online all the time. It is all the more important to translate complex content into the fast-moving digital world. We are looking for support and offer an internship.

Who we are?

We research, ask questions, disassemble and assemble, we write and communicate day in and day out. We are a team of eight that deals with topics related to jobs, managers, start-ups, universities and technical colleges, training and further education, trends and current events relating to living, construction, real estate and lifestyle on a daily basis.

Who are we looking for?

A student who understands the mechanisms of online journalism and social media and is strong and confident in linguistic expression and in preparing topics for the digital world. We are looking for someone who will maintain and advance our channels with joy and an empathetic approach.

working hours and location

Part-time, 25 to 30 hours, by appointment; Hybrid work is a matter of course, we like to get together in the editorial office, and working from home is also part of our working life. Of course, this internship job is paid.

Applications with the subject “Digital-Ass” by April 3, 2022 to: [email protected]

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