Woman hospitalized to have her uterus removed, her kidneys stolen

In India, a 38-year-old woman was admitted to a local medical center without a license to undergo a hysterectomy — surgery in which the patient’s uterus is removed. To the victim’s astonishment, upon waking up from the procedure, she discovered that her kidneys had been removed and stolen during the procedure, without her consent. Police are investigating the case, according to local media.

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The woman who had her kidneys stolen is known by the name of Sunita Devi, has three children and lives in the city of Muzaffarpur, located in the Indian state of Bihar. Today, the health status of the patient is very serious and she is waiting in line for an organ transplant. And she still has the uterus, which has not been removed.

How did the woman know that her kidneys were “stolen” in surgery?

A woman’s kidneys in India were stolen in a fake medical procedure (Image: AtlasComposer/Envato)

The case of kidney theft was only discovered because the woman’s health condition worsened after the procedure. Seeking proper medical attention, Devi was taken to Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (Skmch). Then the patient was referred to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences.

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Now, without the ability to filter her own blood, the patient needs regular dialysis sessions — a filtering process that removes impurities from the blood — and her situation remains critical. “Since Sunita doesn’t have her kidneys, if she doesn’t do dialysis for even one day, she could die”, explains the Skmch superintendent to the newspaper. India Times🇧🇷 To reverse the situation, the Indian is waiting in line for kidney transplants.

Police investigate organ theft in India

Since the organ theft was reported, the city police are investigating the case, which allegedly occurred in the first week of September this year. Preliminary data indicated that the location where the medical procedure was performed was not regulated and that the doctors associated with the theft were not registered to practice medicine in India.

According to the newspaper Hindustan Times, the owner of the clinic where the crime took place was arrested last Wednesday (16). The National Human Rights Commission (Nhrc) is currently leading the investigation into the case.

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