Sandra Abaca, dog groomer.  He recommends taking extreme care with the heat, but not shaving the animals.

With the high temperatures that are being given by the heat wave Many people think of giving their dogs a little hair to make them feel cooler. The truth is the hair helps to generate a layer of insulation so that the family friend feel good and fresh.

At this time of year it is not recommended to shave puppies “The hair protects them from heat stroke, it forms a kind of air chamber between the hair and the skin, and keeps them cool. What is needed is to maintain a good cut, depending on the breed”, explains the dog groomer, Sandra Abaca.

It’s advisable keep the dogs clean so that the layer that protects them from the heat creates space and allows air to flow, since, if the animals have knots, dreadlocks or ticks, this work cannot be carried out.

Sandra Abaca, dog groomer. He recommends taking extreme care with the heat, but not shaving the animals. (Courtesy Paula Alonso /)

Sandra is the owner and hairdresser of ‘Guau ¡Qué Pelo!’, located in Godoy Cruz, she clarifies that: “the haircut depends on the race, there are breeds that need more care. For example, poodles are recommended to be cut every month, month and a half, we have dogs with straight hair and those that only need a weekly brushing or shaved.

Tips to take care of dogs from heat stroke

  • Keep them moist or cool.
  • Let them be in the shade.
  • Have fresh, clean water to drink.
  • Keep them away from high temperatures.
  • Don’t dress them.
  • Do not take them out to exercise in the highest sunlight hours, they can burn their paw pads from the heat of the floor and feel very tired. If you want to remove it, do it in the early hours of the morning or late in the afternoon.

Basic pet care to maintain during the summer

It is important for a better quality of life for pets that they have regular baths, nail cuts, cleaning of the anal glands, cleaning of the ears and taking into account the flea that can occur in the puppy’s eye.

Why take a dog to the groomer?

The importance of having the cut done by a dog groomer and not just anyone is due to “Each hairdresser knows perfectly the coats and the haircut of the breed, if the owner does it without knowledge it can hurt him”says Sandra.

“Teo” before his haircut (Kindness Guau ¡Qué Pelo!/)

In Mendoza there are many dog ​​grooming salons and many veterinarians that have this service. the best for him dog welfare is to go to places that have specialists.

“Teo” after his haircut, fresher and ready for summer. (Kindness Wow What Hair!/)

In the Instagram account @guauquepelo you can see all services that have. They offer haircuts starting at $700 for animals such as small poodles, medium-sized animals of the same breed at $800 and large at $900. Dog grooming shifts are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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