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The maximums this week have widely exceeded 35 degrees, this Thursday is the highest expected temperature to be recorded in Mendoza. When looking for alternatives to cope with the heat many people from Mendoza went to shops and supermarkets in search of air conditioners.

The air conditioners that are available in the locality usually exceed the budgets of the families or people who want to buy them. Many people inquired about the next replacement of the articles, but due to the amount of purchases that the locals of Guaymallén receive, it is not possible to assure an exact date.

Photo: Orlando Pelichotti / Los Andes (Orlando Pelichotti /)

On Wednesday the Carrefour Hypermarket Guaymallén, located on the South Side of the East Access, had no more units for sale. The air conditioning gondola was completely emptyThey had neither split-type nor portable devices. On the website of the super there are only three types of air available for purchase and withdrawal, which start from $ 81,999 to $ 139,199.00.

In the premises of Frávega del Shopping they only have some wall air units and in the Musimundo They had several units that had the ‘sold’ sign, one of the workers of that establishment stated that “It is not known when more units will enter because the air conditioners had run out from the national distribution center.”

In one of the places that have the most stock of airs is the Super Vea del Mendoza Plaza Shopping, as soon as you enter the appliance section on the right hand side you can find only split air for wall placement from $ 59,999. With the option to have it sent to your home or take it with you.

Many neighbors in the area are looking for portable air conditioners, since they do not require a technical installation and can be used immediately with the placement of accessories. One of the biggest shortages in the stores in the area are these items that are out of stock or the only unit that was available is waiting to be recalled.

Possibility of buying a used air conditioner

The other possibility is to acquire a device that refreshes the environment that is used and works. The majors recommendations to acquire one are:

  • That you have the gas charged or the possibility of refilling the charge.
  • That it does not have breaks or blows that affect the operation.
  • Know if it had repairs.
  • That the appliance does not make loud noises.
  • Know the years of use it had and if it was installed several times, since it lowers the performance of the appliance.

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