Héctor Polino: "Prices will depend on the degree of compliance with legal regulations"

Roberto Feletti made his debut at the Ministry of Internal Trade with the launch of a recharged Cared Prices basket. The list of products includes food, beverages, toiletries and cleaning supplies and in all cases the products would maintain prices until January 7.

Video | Price freeze: “An inflationary culture was established in the country”

In this context, the team of RePerfilAr contacted Hector Polino, president of Consumidores Libres, who spoke about the inflation that plagues Argentines and the new price control plan.

“Unfortunately prices continue to rise despite the measures taken by the national government”, shot Polino, who then completed: “An inflationary culture was established in the country “. Along the same lines, the expert said that traders increase prices “just in case.”

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“The merchants do not know how much they will have to pay when restocking the merchandise and that is why they mark the prices”, completed the interviewee. “The freezing of prices will depend on the degree of compliance with legal norms”, fired the former deputy.

Finally, Polino said that it is necessary for people to control prices and remarked that the big problem in Argentina is that the rules are not being complied with.

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