Hein Vanhaezebrouck denounces the new corona rules of Pro League: "This is insane"


Tonight Hein Vanhaezebrouck will receive his ex-club KV Kortrijk with AA Gent. A duel that will be completely dominated by the corona perils. The Ghent coach is therefore particularly displeased by the new corona rules that the Pro League has introduced: “There is no variant as contagious as this omikron variant. Apparently the Pro League and the calendar committee did not understand that.”

Stefan Smet

Today at 03:00

Last week, AA Gent struggled with five infections during the internship in Oliva. New infections were no longer detected in Spain, but once the Ghent player group settled in Ghent again, the dolls started dancing. No wonder that Hein Vanhaezebrouck lashed out at the top of the Pro League the day before the resumption of the competition against Kortrijk.

“I think the proposal to move the competition was the most sensible”, HVH referred to the proposal of AA Gent and Zulte Waregem to postpone the next two matches of the Jupiler Pro League. A proposal that was brushed aside by the Pro League General Assembly. “Then the reaction came that it is out of self-interest, but this is not the case. There is no variant as contagious as this omikron. Apparently the Pro League and the calendar committee did not understand that.”

No, Vanhaezebrouck does not understand that decision and he therefore left no trace of the various parties that played a role in this debate and did not spare the criticism of TV partner Eleven: “According to Eleven, those make-up matches should be completed. on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Do they live in another world or something?”

“Everyone has to adapt and take into account conditions and limitations. But for Eleven there are no restrictions”, fulminated HVH. “Health is our top priority. That is also the case with Kortrijk and the other teams. By the way, you can postpone matches until the beginning of April. But the semi-final of the cup cannot be postponed. Why should an exception be made for that? Are there any teams that hope that Cameroon-Morocco sometimes becomes the final of the Africa Cup?”

“We can’t postpone a match”

The new corona test rules are clearly not acceptable to Vanhaezebrouck: “You also get to hear them too late. We had everyone undergo a PCR test on Tuesday, according to protocol. A day later we received new rules. We tested them the day before and we saw the decisions. We will also follow that and therefore not follow the rules of the JPL.”

The new conditions of the Pro League corona rules are also described by HVH as unrealistic: “Now they say that anyone who has been boosted should not be tested. My wife is currently sick despite being boosted, we are missing two players with infections who were boosted. They didn’t even have to be tested! This cannot be the intention. I will therefore not give names or a list of all our infected players, nor did Kortrijk do that for privacy reasons.”

“I will no longer announce a selection in advance. Since we already completed 36 matches before New Years and rotated a lot, I also never touch seven infected players who have completed 30% of the matches. So we won’t be able to postpone a match. In any case, this will not be an ordinary AA Gent that comes on the field. I have nothing more to say. Because this is ‘insane’.”

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