'Helicopter bride' Kristel Appelt and Björn De Candt convicted...

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Yesterday at 22:43

The court of assizes of Flemish Brabant in Leuven on Tuesday found Kristel Appelt and Björn De Candt guilty of the murder of Andy Vandereyt. The defense of the two accused argued that the victim had provoked the violence against him, but the people’s jury did not agree. She sentenced them to 25 and 24 years in prison.

Vandereyt was murdered on December 2, 2018 around 3.30 am by Appelt and De Candt in the Diestsestraat in Aarschot. After fifteen stabbings, the victim died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, ending the abusive relationship between Andy Vandereyt and Kristel Appelt.


In its judgment, the jury wrote that it had repeatedly examined the camera images made by a witness. Two elements were clear from this to the jury members: the stamp that Vandereyt gave to Appelt was one to protect himself from the knives. The stamp could therefore not be an element of persuasion for incitement and the alleged blow to Appelt was also not proven, according to the jury.

In addition, the jurors inferred premeditation from the movements of the accused in the images, which they described as determined. Also between the multiple stages of the assault, the accused could have stopped stabbing, according to the jury. In addition, the fact that they were armed with two large folding knives, the attempts by text and telephone to lure Vandereyt to Aarschot and the calls to the emergency center convinced the jurors that the accused were working planned.


The jury deduced from the text messages from Appelt to Vandereyt that the two convicts deliberately lured the victim to Aarschot, with the aim of killing him. They also did not believe the call that Appel made to the emergency center in which she indicated that she was afraid of Vandereyt. She had previously sent him a photo of the Grote Markt in Aarschot, where she was at that time.

The lawyers of the civil parties reacted with relief after reading the judgment. “We are pleased that the jury did not follow the plea of ​​the defense about the incitement,” said Master Philip Daeninck, lawyer for the victim’s father. “You can’t respond to a blow with 15 stabs.”

Master Bert Partoens, who assisted several relatives of the victim, including the mother, was happy for his clients that the trial was almost over. “The family has had to go through a huge ordeal. They had to go through the process twice and see the CCTV footage of Andy being stabbed twice.”

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