“Hellboy: The Crooked Man”: New film in the works

Is it based on a comic miniseries?

Three years after this reboot are now, according to a message from “DiscussingMovie” plans for one another movie developed at which Brian Taylor directed should lead. Taylor first became known through the two “Crank” films with Jason Stathan, later contributed to the screenplay for the comic adaptation “Jonah Hex” and also co-directed “Ghost Rider 2”. So he would have to know something about DC action.

The fourth Hellboy appearance is said to be titled “The Crooked Man” complete. This allows conclusions, since there is a comic mini-series of the same name, in which the red hero ends up in the Appalachian Mountains, where he has to help a man against a particularly evil demon in the 1950s. Whether Taylor adheres to this requirement, however, is still unknown.

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