Héloïse Martin ex-anorexic (39 kg for 1m70), insulted for her "fat physique"

Héloïse Martin wants to change mentalities and awaken the consciousness of “grossophobes who ignore each other”. Constantly judged on her curves, the actress made intimate revelations during a video about her body and the trauma she went through as a teenager …

Since she was discovered in the movie Tamara in 2016, Heloise Martin is faced with the mean and gratuitous remarks about her physique. AT 25 years, the pretty young lady who also appeared in the ninth season of Dance with the stars in 2018 or again Fort Boyard Tired of receiving waves of hatred about his forms. This is why she spoke in front of an audience in Rennes to discuss the Grossophobie that she experiences on a daily basis.

Héloise Martin, victim of anorexia

And if the actress wanted to break the silence on the TED X stage, which covers many subjects, it is also because of her adolescence, during which she suffered fromanorexia. She said she went down to only 39 kilos for 1m70 at the age of 14… “Grossophobia, that body that bothers you. This is the subject of my TED X talk. Imagine if at 14, after 2 years of anorexia, I was told that one day I would be on the TED X stage to talk to you about ‘Grossophobia’ “, she wrote under an Instagram post.

Héloïse Martin, harassed and judged on her weight

Because of grossophobic remarks and insults about her weight, Héloïse Martin deleted her Twitter accountr. “I discovered this word a few years ago, following the release of the film ‘Tamara’. Since then, I have been the target of hundreds of insulting messages concerning my weight, my physique of ‘fat ...’.”, she continued on the social network.

“Believe me, there are a lot of grossophobes who ignore each other. I hope that one day this hatred of difference will end, that the word ‘fat’ will no longer be a ‘dirty word’.“, concluded the playing partner of Rayane Bensetti, greeted and applauded by Internet users in the comments.

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