Here is why your Lidl store may be closed today ... And the following days

Your Lidl store may be closed this Wednesday: the grumbling emanates from the staff of the sign. A strike notice does indeed expire, which can lead to the closure of certain stores or occasional strike actions.

The unions have been complaining for several months about the workload within the distributor. A strike in the stores had been avoided in extremis in June while a strike had affected the deposits in April. Recently, a conciliation meeting between management and unions failed to produce any results. The reinforcement of manpower granted by the management, at the rate of 42 hours per week and per store, may not be extended beyond February 2022. In addition, the “flying team” which comes to assist strong in stores that face many absences is not enough, according to the socialist union.

Which stores affected?

It is difficult to establish an inventory of the stores affected, but the socialist union of employees and executives announces that a hundred brands are closed, all over the country, in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, according to the estimate of Myriam Delmée, from Setca. Two of Lild’s five depots are also affected by this strike movement, which could cause supply problems in the stores that remained open on Wednesday. These two depots are located in Flanders, one in Limburg and the other in the Kortrijk region. This Thursday, SETCA will bring together its delegates in order to structure the movement, which could therefore continue, “unless management comes with solutions“, concludes SETCA.

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