Police Ostend: tribute to a deceased colleague.

Police Ostend: tribute to a deceased colleague. © vtm

The broadcast of Heroes from here: Ostend police pays tribute tonight to first inspector and motorcyclist Nick Campe who recently died.

Nick Campe has been working for the local police in Ostend since 2004, where he was the head coach of the motorcyclists in recent years. It was during such a training ride that Nick Campe died in a tragic accident on October 4.

In the episode that will be broadcasted on VTM tonight, we see Nick Campe at work during the training of two Ostend motorcyclists, ‘little’ Tibo and ‘normal’ Thibaut. The training lasts four weeks and at the end there is an exam. The two students have to gain a lot of confidence in the beginning. That confidence in their engine and their own abilities is instilled in them by Nick, a highly valued and beloved colleague, as the broadcast shows. (jdr)

Heroes from here: Ostend police, VTM, 8.35 pm

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