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Mega’s fiction revealed a new and unexpected couple who will be in charge of making the residents of the Nueva Esperanza passage suffer.

The relationship between the two was revealed recently.

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© MegaThe relationship between the two was revealed recently.

The longest soap opera on television Hidden Truths is in its final stretch after the premiere of its last season and in the most recent chapters the fiction has hit with unexpected revelations, such as the appearance of a new couple.

This week a secret that nobody expected was revealed, Mateo (Cristián Carvajal) the villain who takes the final stage of Hidden Truths He has different accomplices, but also has a very close relationship with a character who was thought to be on the side of good: Gaspar, who turned out to be his unknown partner so far.

Everything happened after the run over by Martina (Camila Hirane) who was seriously injured after Eliana’s son hit her with his vehicle, all as part of the plan he has against Cristóbal for having murdered his mother. The character of Cristián Carvajal swore revenge against the young tattoo artist and to get it he will hurt everyone close to him.

Gaspar was with Rocío’s daughter at the time of being hit, however, his attitude caught the attention of the followers, since the lawyer could not open the door of his car initially while he was with the investigator in the middle of the street , but before that, he receives a message that leaves him in shock, raising the suspicions of the viewers.

Suspicions that were confirmed after he met Mateo and they will talk about what happened, sealing the moment with a kiss, making it clear that the lawyer is part of the villain’s entire plan against the Nueva Esperanza passage from the beginning.

How did Gaspar and Mateo meet?

The Verdades_Spoils Instagram account provided new details about the couple and explained when they met.

“The big question that remained was, is their relationship only for criminal interest? Here we will tell you EXCLUSIVELY about both characters!

Since when have they known each other? As little ones! Gaspar and Mateo studied at the same school, in Caburgua, southern Chile.

They are in a Relationship? Yes! Since childhood they have been attracted to each other and have maintained it to this day.

Are there feelings involved? Yes of course! Their love relationship is open and they have been able to maintain it throughout this time. The kiss that will soon appear on the screen will be the first of many to come.

Both make the perfect team, they know how to handle everything without raising suspicions, their complicity is such that with the passage of the chapters they will become the … NEW ROMANTIC VILLAINS!

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