his astonishing bond with Laurent Wauquiez, his "Lolo"

Thomas VDB discovered that he was the cousin … of Laurent Wauquiez! A news which gave rise to an unexpected exchange between the actor and the president of the regional council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

It is a rapprochement that we would never have thought possible. Thomas VDB found out he was the cousin from… Laurent Wauquiez! The 44-year-old comedian, obviously as surprised as us, revealed this information at the microphone of France Inter November 22. He explained that his family on the father’s side was particularly large. “My father had 11 siblings, and his own father too, so everyone did a lot of children“, he clarified.”My grandfather had a sister, and this sister was Laurent Wauquiez’s grandmother (…) Now I admit, I like Laurent Wauquiez, I revised my opinion on him“, detailed the actor.

Thomas VDB and Laurent Wauquiez, a golden family

Information that reached the ears of Laurent Wauquiez, also surprised. “It’s a surprise“, dropped the former Minister of Higher Education on his Instagram account, before joking (or not) on Twitter:”Roll on the next cousinadeThomas VDB replied: “This is my Lolo that!“. The future family reunions promise to be eventful!

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