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For the commentator on Agriculture radio, there is no reason for a player who has not had time on the court to be seen as a starter for the qualifying duel, so he asks for an explanation from the coach in some determinations he is taking.

Pablo Galdames has not yet added minutes at Genoa in Italy, his new club.

Chilean National Team

Pablo Galdames has not yet added minutes at Genoa in Italy, his new club.

The formation of the titular team of the Chilean team to face Venezuela for the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he might have a surprise. Everything, because information has been Pablo Galdames as a starter being the replacement of a suspended Charles Aránguiz.

Something that for the journalist Cristián Caamaño It is incomprehensible taking into account the few minutes of the player and having alternatives that are in better conditions.

In the two games to date, he has not occupied Galdames, Alarcón and Baeza. The only one he has used is Marcelino Núñez. Even if you have done it right or wrong. Unquestionably Aránguiz, Vidal and Pulgar without untouchables. The one who replaced Vidal was Marcelino. So now that Aránguiz must be replaced, the logical thing is Marcelino. It is very strange, why Pablo Galdames. What is the football reason, what is the performance that one can attribute to him in the last time, to say that he is the player you need if he has not played in Italy. His call without minutes is already debatable “, highlights Caamaño in Radio Agriculture.

In that sense, the sports commentator assures that this follows the line of how unclear it has been Martin Lasarte in the Chilean national team, made some determinations that have not been explained

Arguing that Alarcón is adapting in European football, then what is left for Galdames. Alarcón has six starting games. Galdames has not added minutes since May. Where is the rhythm and intensity that Lasarte demands so much from the local team players, but it will occupy a player who has not added minutes since May, “deepens Caamano.

It is that for the journalist there are many situations that have happened in the two triple dates that have not had a proper explanation and that only obey the coach’s moves.

“The mysteries with Lasarte are long. I keep asking, where is Carlos Palacios. That he went from being a starter against Peru to not playing any minute in these two games. What did Lasarte see because there is no explanation. They are things of Lasarte, “he concludes.

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