Lord of the Rings: Sam as the most obese of the 4 hobbits

The Lord of the Rings cast had to endure a lot from long shoots in rough terrain to broken toes. In the end, the best film trilogy of all time came out, but sometimes those involved still mischievously remember their suffering during the shoot. For example, Peter Jackson gave his actor Sean Astin as Sam a weight loss ban, which hit the star a lot.

Hobbit star Sean Astin suffered from the corpulence of his Lord of the Rings role

As a guest on The Friendship Onion podcast by his hobbit colleagues Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, Sean Astin recently recalled how uncomfortable his was prescribed overweight in the years when Samweis was Gamgee.

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Being fat weighed on me. I ran the LA marathon three months before the Lord of the Rings filming, I weighed 135 pounds [= 61kg] and was really thin. But then I wanted this role and got fat […] and I hardly recognized this guy in the mirror.

To get the part of the hobbit in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sean Astin had to Gaining enormous weight within 3 months. His trick for gaining mass quickly: lift weights and eat a lot, only to trick your own body into lifting weights but not eating.

The Lord of the Rings star messed with Peter Jackson through secret sports

That Sean Astin didn’t really feel comfortable in his body during the filming, he makes it abundantly clear in his story. While all the other actors stayed fit, he had to maintain his high body weight. But laughing, he remembers the day when he was directed by the Lord of the Rings caught in his fitness violation became.

Lord of the Rings: Sam as the most obese of the 4 hobbits

[Mein Make-up-Artist und ich] went to Wellington tennis games. After 5 or 6 times we got really athletic in shape. But someone took a picture and brought it to them as a ‘star sighting’ of the hidden Lord of the Rings actors Front page of a New Zealand national newspaper. She revealed that I came from the tennis center.

Then it didn’t take long for the news of the hobbit, who was photographed playing sports, to get around within the Lord of the Rings crew:

When I got on set the next day, PJ [Peter Jackson] put on that very specific look – and I knew immediately that I was mine in trouble because of my workout would have. He showed me the article and I said “Caught!” Whereupon he just turned and looked for “More lollipops for Mr. Astin, please! ” demanded.

The Lord of the Rings: If you want to be Sam, you have to suffer

Since Peter Jackson almost never broke patience on the Lord of the Rings set, his evil eye and the admonition of Sean Astin were a lesson. With a few lollipops as a punishment, the hobbit star probably got away with it lightly. Whereby every spectator would have understood it if Samweis had lost a few more kilos on the painful journey to Mordor.

It remains to be seen whether the Lord of the Rings series will demand something similar from its hobbits, dwarves and humans next year.

Will you be on Sean Astin’s or Peter Jackson’s side if there is a sports ban during the Lord of the Rings filming?

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