The Historic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Workers at Hollywood studios in the United States may move on Monday to an indefinite strike if their working conditions are not improved, announced the union representing the entertainment industry sector.

According to news agency Efe, this strike was approved by 98% of the 60,000 members of the IATSE union (International Alliance of Theater and Stage Employees) and, if realized, it could completely paralyze most productions in the United States.

“If we didn’t set a deadline, we could be talking forever and our members deserve to have their needs met now,” said union spokesman Matthew Loeb in a statement.

If no agreement is reached, the workers’ strike will start on Monday at noon (6:00 pm in Lisbon)

IATSE represents a large part of the workers who perform backstage tasks, such as lighting and sound technicians, camera operators, scenographers and make-up artists.

Most of these workers have temporary work contracts with the studios and the conditions in their contract are agreed between the unions and the entertainment companies.

Workers in this sector complain that they work very long shifts without rest to eat or sleep.

In this sense, the union calls for an improvement in the wages of workers who belong to the lowest salary scale in the sector and that the contribution of companies to private health insurance and retirement plans be improved.

This indefinite stoppage would “enormously harm” the big Hollywood studios, which already have many delays due to the pandemic.

The last strike in Hollywood was called in 2017 by the screenwriters union and delayed filming and television broadcasts for 100 days.

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