Honda has begun testing its advanced autopilot.  Tesla doesn't have this either.

Honda Motor has begun testing its SAE Level 4 autopilot system. This became known during the World Congress of Intelligent Transport Systems in Germany. Thus, the Japanese company became the world leader in the field of autonomous vehicle control systems, ahead of the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla.

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Level 4 autonomous driving system is a “high degree of automation”. Under normal environmental conditions, the vehicle can drive autonomously without the need for driver control.

Recall that Honda was the first in the world to start serial production of a car with a third-level autopilot – this option has been available for the Legend business-class sedan since March, however, only in the domestic market of Japan. The driver is allowed to be distracted from the road, including browsing social networks or watching a movie. But a person needs to be willing to intervene for a limited time, determined by the developers.

For the time being, the American Tesla offers only the second level autopilot for its electric vehicles.

The prototypes of the fourth level autopilot are tested as part of the same Honda Legend, and on the roads of Germany – the cars have already successfully traveled more than 25 thousand km. The timing of the introduction of the advanced system in production is still unknown.

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