Honduran Catholic Church Calls Not to Vote for Drug Traffickers in November Elections

Honduran Catholic Church Calls Not to Elect Drug Traffickers in November Elections – AFP/Arquivos

The Honduran Catholic Church on Wednesday (13) urged voters not to vote for drug traffickers and corrupt in the November 28 general elections, to “regain the rule of law.”

“Choose candidates who are not tainted by corruption, organized crime and drug trafficking,” demanded the 13 bishops of the influential Episcopal Conference, in a message to the Honduran population.

“In addition to the political militancy that many profess and in addition to personal preferences and sympathies, there is a moral duty and patriotic obligation to recover the rule of law,” the document added.

Honduras was classified as a “narco-state” in a trial against former deputy of the ruling National Party (PN, right), Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, brother of President Juan Orlando Hernández, in the Southern District Court of New York .

“Tony” Hernández was sentenced to life in prison in March 2021 as a “large-scale” drug dealer. At trial, the president testified by rejecting the charges and attributing them to a vengeance by drug dealers for harassing drug cartels.

“The rule of law is the essential path that will lead us to rehabilitate democracy”, urged the bishops.

They urged political parties to “establish alliances on principles that guarantee a national project” and candidates to present “a serious, thought out, reasoned and well-founded plan that responds to the serious current problems”.

NP candidate Nasry Asfura, singled out for alleged acts of corruption, is a favorite figure in polls on voting intentions to win the presidency in the general election.

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