The Honduran opposition parties Libertad y Refundación (Libre) and Salvador de Honduras (PSH) announced on Wednesday the formation of an electoral alliance, with the purpose of defeating the ruling party in the presidential elections to be held on November 28.


The general elections process advances in Honduras

The new coalition will nominate Xiomara Castro, leader of the Libre movement, as the presidential candidate, while Salvador Nasralla, leader of the PSH collective, will be her running mate.

Holding a press conference, the two politicians stressed that the goal is to remove the National Party, whose presidential candidate is Nasry Asfura, from power.

To achieve this political union, Nasralla resigned his party’s presidential candidacy to join Libre’s roster as a candidate for vice president.

“This act, so important, which reflects is the will of the people, demanding unity, especially from the opposition to be able to defeat this dictatorship,” said Castro, wife of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was removed from power in a coup in 2009.

Nasralla affirmed for his part: “We are going to govern together, Xiomara will be the president, but he will have me by his side, as the first appointee, and we will make decisions based on what is convenient for the Honduran people, according to our government plans ”.

Both politicians said they will work to deploy observers at all polling stations on election day, in order to counter what happened in 2017, when they also participated as an alliance and denounced multiple irregularities in the electoral process.

Between the Free party and the PSH they account for more than 30 percent of the intention to vote, compared to 20 percent for the ruling party, according to various national polls.

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