Hong Kong launches offer of half a million airline tickets | Tourism

While other areas of the world don’t even need to advertise this year to attract tourists, tourism authorities in some regions have a more complicated task. Across Asia, after Taiwan announced the offer of 154 euros to each tourist, Hong Kong, between the pandemic and the protests (only in December were the measures relaxed), even with a loss of population, wants to win back visitors. And he has a weapon for that, his “lottery”.

“Hello Hong Kong” is the motto of the gigantic World of Winners draw that will take place online and that opened on March 1st for part of the Asian market – detail: not yet for mainland China, here it will only start in April. For Europe, the opportunity to enter the draw is expected to start on May 1st.

The giveaway started on March 1st and involves several airlines (in this case, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express and Greater Bay Airlines) and participation in the draw is done through them. From the constant information on the companies’ pages, the available offers flew quickly.

Following the example of the draw for the Asian market, the game can involve a simple registration to enter the “lottery” and win tickets (apart from fees, these must be paid), by participating in a pastime of the type quizz or by offering a ticket when purchasing another. It is possible that for the European market there will be some adaptation of the scheme.

In addition to the global offer that will reach 500,000 tickets, according to information from Tourism, there will also be “Hong Kong Goodies”, “consumption vouchers” for visitors to “experience the various appeals of Hong Kong”. This ranges from “complimentary drinks” in bars, restaurants and hotels, or “a cash voucher to be used in transport, food, retail and attractions” and including various discounts at local Disneyland.

The information about the campaign of Tourism is available on the website of the hong kong airportor on airlines such as HongKong Airlines and the Cathay.

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