horoscope and character of this Chinese sign

People of the Rat sign are distinguished by their intelligence. Cunning, animated with a lively temperament, they are ambitious and know how to show rigor in their actions. They can also be manipulative. If they are enthusiastic and open to the world, they sometimes feel the need to recharge their batteries in privacy, far from the hustle and bustle outside.

The people of the Rat sign are born in 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996. Here are the exact dates and their associated elements:

  • Wood Rat : from February 2, 1984 to February 19, 1985
  • Fire Rat : from January 24, 1936 to February 10, 1937 and from February 19, 1996 to February 6, 1997
  • Earth Rat : from February 10, 1948 to January 28, 1949 and from February 7, 2008 to January 25, 2009
  • Metal Rat : from January 28, 1960 to February 14, 1961
  • Water Rat : from February 15, 1972 to February 2, 1973

The rat is in first position in the Chinese horoscope and is one of the six signs Yang, that is to say those animated by a masculine energy. The element associated with it is water. The flower that brings it luck and protection belongs to the liliaceae family (Lily, Lily of the valley, Tulip…). His favorite color is yellow. If we have to draw a parallel with the western horoscope, we will assimilate the Rat to Sagittarius.

According to legend, when Emperor Jade selected animals to create the Chinese zodiac signs, the rat promised the cat, who had given himself some rest, to wake him up in due course. But he didn’t. And this is why the Cat is sometimes replaced by the sign of the Rabbit!

The rat is animated by some anxieties even if he often doesn’t show anything. Is this why he seeks love at all costs? This rodent feels an eternal need to shine in the eyes of the other. It’s her favorite vitamin! Yet he can show superficiality in relationships and lack of commitment towards his friends. In love, he needs time to express his feelings but, once reassured, he shows himself romantic and generous. The Rat may have a tendency to manipulate those around him to win his case.

The Rat in the professional field

He prefers to work alone. When he has responsibilities, he knows how to delegate. And for good reason, the animal is not a hard worker! Paradoxically, he is ambitious and to achieve his goals he has the ability to manipulate those around him without them noticing anything. Intelligent, lucid but very sensitive, he can be aggressive if he is the target of certain colleagues at work. Generally we like his sense of analysis and we listen to his wise advice. He is not always a very sociable partner but terribly efficient when he is motivated.

The Rat and the Money

The rat is stingy. And a spendthrift! He can save for months and then, on a whim, empty his bank account to satisfy a sudden desire even though he hates waste. If sentimentally speaking a person pleases him, he is able to get angry with his banker to shower him with gifts and blind him with his generosity. In fact, when he loves, he doesn’t count. This is what makes all its charm but also its weakness.

The Rat and the loves

Always fiery and passionate in his relationships, he can be possessive and jealous. Thus it happens to him to go from softness to verbal violence in a snap of the finger, which does not fail to disconcert his partners. Beware of the one who will be unfaithful to him! The animal has the reputation of being an excellent lover. To be seduced, the Rat needs to be surprised or even dazzled. He likes unusual situations and demands a certain finesse to let himself be taken on board. Whoever wants to make him fall in his nets, must imperatively set the bar very high.

The Rat in family

He is very attached to his roots. Few of the Rats have cut ties with their parents, even after a big dispute. For him, the family is sacred and it is rare to see him absent during large family reunions (end of year celebrations, birthdays, weddings …). In addition, this animal has very good contact with children and knows how to be very generous. We demand it and it loves to be called upon.

Main qualities of the Rat: imaginative, ambitious and curious

Famous rats: Zinédine Zidane, Vanessa Paradis, Jean Dujardin …

Top compatibility: with the Ox and Dragon signs

The Wood Rat shines with its artistic and aesthetic sense. To face certain existential anxieties, he is materialistic, a bit ant in his behavior. And yes, he needs to save money to face the future. Always creative and a force for proposals, he attracts, sometimes fascinates. Especially since the Wood Rat is a sincere and definitely honest being.

To move forward, to have fun, the Fire Rat needs challenges. The more challenges mark out his existence, the more alive he feels. This rodent does not shine with its diplomacy and can be sluggish in certain situations. Although fundamentally independent, family is above all else for him.

The Earth Rat is, as its name suggests, down to earth. With him, no eccentricity or madness. When it has set itself a goal, this rodent will do everything in its power to reach it and never let itself be entertained. He needs to be surrounded by people, like him, Cartesians. He can have a bad habit of judging people by their appearance.

The Metal Rat is often the plaything of his impulses. With him, it’s all or nothing. Lots of emotions are bubbling up in him. Everything would be fine if these were not sometimes contradictory! He loves power, sex, money and knows how to seduce, whether in the personal or professional field. He can be calculating even if he lacks lucidity in his judgments.

The Water Rat knows how to take a step back and has a keen analytical sense. He has the art of bypassing conflicting relationships, not out of cowardice but to find the position that will be most advantageous to him. Letting his intuition speak, he knows how to be seductive to achieve his goals. Besides, it is very difficult to resist him. And he is perfectly aware of it.

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