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Check out the horoscope predictions for your sign this Monday, November 22, 2021

Horoscope: predictions for Monday (22)
© UnsplashHoroscope: predictions for Monday (22)

O horoscope of today, November 22, 2021, is set. Check out the predictions for your sign this Monday, with information from the Metrópoles portal!

Aries (03/21/04)

Starting today, the Sun will open the travel season. Enthusiasm, optimism and pleasure will be back. Take advantage of the week to join, establish alliances and boost an enterprise. Business will be heated. Also expect prestige and greater visibility in the professional environment. Day of many emotions, with delicious memories and the affection of the family.

Taurus (04/21 – 05/20)

Conquer friendships, start relationships and renew feelings. The week will bring new plans for intimate life. Starting today, the Sun will favor changes and will illuminate paths of greater achievement. The fuse will be short in relationships that don’t move or that repeat patterns. Take the opportunity to free yourself from uncomfortable situations and gain independence. New connections!

Twins (05/21/06)

Clarify your position in relationships. From today onwards, the Sun will strengthen affective bonds and will illuminate the paths of the heart. Take advantage of the week to create plans with the pair. Wedding projects will gain an extra dose of enthusiasm. Hectic work climate will demand organization. Spend time on friendships and health care as well. Travel on sight!

Cancer (06/22/07)

Celebrate achievements and strengthen your job position. The week will bring success and professional recognition. Include enjoyable activities in your routine. Taking care of health and the body will be essential at this stage. Invest in new relationships. If you are alone, paths of the heart will be open. Someone may come to stay. Travel will favor intimate life.

Lion (23/07 – 22/08)

Sun in harmony with your sign, starting today, it will bring brightness, joy, a lot of creativity and new projects. Turn on your light, conquer new spaces, expand relationships and enjoy the good things in life. Traveling with the children and solutions to family matters will move the week. Resume activities stopped by the pandemic and rescue old work contacts. Love on the rise!

Virgin (23/08-22/09)

The Sun will illuminate the past. Value your life story, strengthen your identity and find your place in the world. Affectionate friendships, stimulating relationships and thought-provoking conversations in love will warm the heart in this week that will be filled with many news and surprising news. Good period to expose yourself and expand social participation. Career success!

Libra (23/09 – 22/10)

Shine at work meetings, expand communications and contacts, increase your prestige and gain relevance. The week will bring success and professional projection. Wait for a well-paid promotion or new proposal. Good news in the financial area will liven up the mood. End processes of the past, join forces with the family and raise standards of comfort. Travel on sight!

Scorpio (10/23 – 11/21)

Good news in finance. The sun will illuminate investments, heat up business and bring more security. Make good deals and make plans. A trip will be all good in love. Take the initiative in relationships. Candid, emotionally charged conversations will strengthen special bonds in your life. Life decisions and new beginnings will mark the week.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)

The entry of the Sun into your sign will inaugurate a new cycle. Paths and choices will be enlightened, starting today. Count on negotiating power and financial balance. You can sign a new employment contract, increase your salary or make a big change in your life and fulfill an old dream. Charisma, brightness and high spirits will mark your presence in networks and interactions.

Capricorn (12/22 – 01/20)

Affectionate climate, pleasant surprises, romanticism and creative programming will intensify love. Relationships will be in focus this week. Expand social participation, bring friendships closer and strengthen affective bonds. With Venus in your sign, new relationships and business opportunities will come naturally. Investments may change, with more attractive options.

Aquarium (01/21 – 02/19)

Higher career goals and new venture will move the week. Strengthen your position in the team and expect great results. Positive period also to increase exposure and publicly shine. Take on new challenges and build more security for the future. Expansion plans will gain momentum. Follow the intuition. You will make good deals.

Fish (20/02 – 20/03)

Beautiful moment in love. Expect companionship, understanding and trust in the relationship plans. If you’re alone, you can fall in love on a trip, a course or a new group. Starting today, the sun will light paths for the future. Expect success in your ventures and take a bigger step in your career. Tuning in with the team. New friendships and trips will liven up the mood.

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