Horror in Norway: a man killed several people with a bow and arrows |  Kongsberg authorities asked their residents not to leave their homes

A man armed with a bow and arrows killed five people and wounded several more this Wednesday in Kongsberg, in southwestern Norway. At press conference Øyvind Aas, a local police official, assured that the man who committed these crimes has already been arrested and ruled out that there is another person involved. For the moment the motives for the attack remain unknown, which occurred at various locations in the city center of Kongsberg.

Øyvind Aas did not elaborate on the suspect, except that it is a man and that he was taken to the police station in the neighboring town of Drammen. “We are not looking for other people,” the official explained.

The police had reported hours before an action in the center of Kongsberg and had asked residents that they did not leave their homes after verifying that a person had been shot with an arrow. Several police units, including helicopters and a group of anti-explosive specialists, were mobilized. The Norwegian Police indicated that the individual traveled through various areas attacking people before being detained.

The people who were injured were transferred to hospitals and so far their number and status is unknown. The incident took place shortly before 6.30 pm in the center of Kongsberg. After the facts, the authorities urged the population to stay in their homes. Several neighborhoods were cordoned off and television images showed a large display of heavily armed police and ambulances.

A helicopter and a demining team were also dispatched to the scene, while the National Intelligence Service (DIS) was alerted. The public network NRK showed on its website a photo sent by a witness showing a black arrow stuck in a wall.

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