Horst Lichter never let strokes of fate get him down

I’m a kitchen clown. I wanted to be a clown as a child because I like to make people laugh.” Born in the Rhineland Horst Lights is a real jack of all trades: cook, cabaret artist, author, entertainer and moderator. And he does everything with total dedication – and in a good mood, while he has also experienced strokes of fate that would be enough for two lives.

He suffered his first stroke at 26 and his second at 28, along with a heart attack, and he also lost his six-month-old baby to sudden infant death syndrome.

“I don’t think I’m mentally stronger, but I have this need to live well. i like to laugh I like to cry too. i like to live I wanted to fight my way back to that. I never wanted to be the one to be pitied or to be said: Poor devil. I wanted to be someone you can laugh with. That’s why I’ve always fought my way out of dramatic situations in life. But what I think is incredibly important to get up: I took the time I needed to process it,” said Lichter, who has been moderating the television show “Bares for Rares” since 2013, in a KURIER interview.

Today, Saturday, the crowd’s favorite celebrates (He even received a KURIER-ROMY in 2019) his 60th birthday.

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