debate city vidal milei santoro bregman 20211013

The candidate debate to deputies for the City of Buenos Aires left crosses and chicanes between the different candidates. But the political proposals were scarce. Also some conciliatory laughter and hugs were seen this Wednesday in the debate organized by the news signal TN.

The first to hit was the candidate of the Buenos Aires ruling party Maria Eugenia Vidal when he asked for the resignation of the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández. “I want to propose that we accompany the proposal that the President ask Aníbal Fernández to resign, because what happened was unacceptable, it crossed a limit, “he said.

Quick counterattacked the candidate of the Frente de Todos Leandro santoro. Remembered that “there is an error in the political leadership of the force”, and highlighted that “in terms of material resources, the City donated 5 patrol cars to 3 municipalities of the Province to campaign.”

Myriam Bregman before the debate in TN. PHOTO: Néstor Grassi.

A separate chapter it was the crosses between the candidate of the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, and the libertarian Javier Milei. “La Rusa” exploded when the economist enumerated the fallacies that, according to him, she said. “But he lives interrupting me and I can never finish,” reproached the Buenos Aires legislator. And Milei answered: “Stop telling fallacies. If you keep saying them “. For his part, the co-host, Marcelo Bonelli, raised his hand and said: “Enough Milei”, like an elementary school teacher challenging her students.

The tension between these two candidates was present from beginning to end. At one point the aggression and disruption reached a level where Bregman decided not to continue with his presentation. “Do you think you can continue after this?” the Left candidate asked the drivers. Seconds earlier, the ultra-liberal economist had said that “Rodríguez Larreta is a Bolshevik.”

The previous

Five minutes before the start of the debate, the head of the Buenos Aires government arrived, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. He did it with the second candidate on the list Martin Tetaz. They sat next to Federico Salvai, trusted man of Vidal and Fernando Straface, one of the heads of the campaign.

In the run-up to the match, the climate was quite pleasant among the teams of the candidates. The affectionate embrace between Fernán Quirós and Alejandro Amor, candidate for legislator for the Front of All. During the toughest moments of the pandemic, he worked from the Ombudsman’s Office alongside the minister. “They have a lot of affection for each other from the professional point of view. They accompanied each other a lot ”, they explained to PROFILE from the environment.

  debate city vidal milei santoro bregman 20211013
Tetaz greeting Larreta and next to him watching Fernán Quirós in the debate. PHOTO: Ernesto Pages

From the Front of All they pointed out that at the beginning They did not allow them to enter all the people who were listed on the list. They were convinced that it was because of two figures who could “inconvenience ”the head of the Buenos Aires government. One was Rosita Vardush, the mother of Arshak Karhanyan, the City policeman who disappeared in February 2019. When the security issue was debated, Santoro named her and María Eugenia Vidal acknowledged that it was the “first time” she had seen Arshak’s mother. “I am sorry for your pain and I reject that you have used it politically for a debate.”

Another was Christian Acosta, graduated in nursing from the Ramos Mejía Hospital and member of the Nursing union and the City Nursing association. He went to the debate in his work uniform and every time the camera pointed at him, he raised his white handkerchief that said: “Nursing did, does and will continue to make history. We nurses are professionals ”. “It is obvious that they make us feel awkward to enter because they are afraid that we will dislike Larreta “commented a source from the Frente de Todos campaign command.

The bench of advisers

Candidates could bring up to ten people into the studio, and only a few could come in court to the candidates’ lectern to advise them during the debate. For Leandro Santoro was his press officer, Ruben Cots, and its main advisers Alejandro Grillo and Nicolás Otero. The campaign manager, Mariano Recalde, stayed in the armchair.

María Eugenia Vidal arrived accompanied by her partner Enrique “Quique” Sacco. And next to it was the scientist Sandra Pitta who competed in the internal with Ricardo López Murphy. The funny thing was that there was no place for Pitta in Vidal’s dressing room. She was outside the whole time, standing at the door without anyone inviting her to come in. On the other hand, Julia Pomares did enter, one of Vidal’s most trusted advisers, his former chief of staff, Federico Salvai, and Rodríguez Larreta’s henchman, Fernando Straface.

  debate city vidal milei santoro bregman 20211013
The image of the drivers and the candidates in the debate. PHOTO: Ernesto Pages

The first to reach their candidate’s lectern in each court were Milei’s advisers. They didn’t want to waste time. Thus, they hurried to get up from their seats and walk fast Ramiro Marra, Karina Milei (candidate’s sister) and Bertie Benegas lynch. In the seats he was also accompanied by Nicolás Emma, ​​candidate for national deputy, and Lucía Montenegro, candidate for legislator.

There was no place for Pitta in Vidal’s dressing room. She was outside the whole time, standing at the door without anyone inviting her to come in.

The public was divided into three parts with plastic separators that, far from being part of an anti-Covid protocol, were useful to separate the relatives of the libertarians from those of the Left. Paradoxically, Bregman’s followers were on the right wing and Milei’s on the left. “Fachos, you don’t know how to argue, listen a little,” shouted some. “Let us speak, this is not possible”, answered others. This was near closing. A few minutes later, the “Russian” dodged Milei’s fist salute when the debate ended and left her hand in the air.

The leftist candidate was accompanied by the leaders Christian Castillo, Andrea D ‘Atri (Founder of Pan y Rosas), Guillo Pitonesi (representative of the Left Front) and former legislator Patricio del Corro, among others. In the middle were those of María Eugenia Vidal who were left with the lower seats and those of Santoro with those above.


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