Hotel Nacional de Cuba prepares for the restart of international tourism (+ Video)

History and architectural beauty merge at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Photo: Abel Padrón Padilla / Cubadebate.

After more than a year and a half without receiving guests from other latitudes as a result of COVID-19, to whose confrontation some of its workers joined in isolation centers, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba is getting ready to reopen its doors to international tourism, as of November 15, coinciding with the so-called high season.

Yamila Fuster Évora, her head of Hospitality and Public Relations, explained to the Cuban News Agency that in these months of pandemic her rooms, outdoor areas, furniture, kitchens, restaurants and other rooms have been repaired or maintained, to also adapt them to the new biosafety protocols and modernize them, without losing the charms that always characterized this jewel of the hotel industry in the largest of the Antilles.

He clarified that due to their complexity or because they are totally new, some investments will be inaugurated at the end of the year, such as the Las Barracas restaurant, now under renovation and destined to offer Creole food, while in the Los Jardines area itself, its bar will be closer from the coastline and in the future they plan to join the two swimming pools, in order to turn them into a complex with more services.

The rescue of floors with their original tiles, ceramics and clocks located in the lobby since almost when the Nacional was founded on December 30, 1930, has been among the constructive actions, and as part of the anti-COVID measures underway, At the entrance of each place, announcements have been placed with the established protocols, they have been designed the rooms at 50 percent of their capacity and the Buffet Table service is assumed by a Chef de Cuisine and not by the client.

To access the interior of the hotel, all visitors have their temperature taken in addition to disinfecting their hands with gel and performing the foot steps; in the rooms, the maids take extreme care of cleaning and disinfecting the furniture, telephone, doors, everything, and this is how it is done with the handrails on the stairs, says the specialist.

Although we have the certification of the most hygienic and safe hotel, in the next few days we will be re-evaluated by the Ministries of Public Health and Tourism, at the same time that we hold meetings with tour operators and travel agents to show them how much has been done and how we have prepared. with a view to the reopening of international tourism.

The Hotel Nacional de Cuba, belonging to the Cuban hotel chain Gran Caribe, joins the tourist reopening on the island. Photo: Omara García Mederos / ACN.

In video, Hotel Nacional de Cuba

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