House passes resolution calling for new proceedings against Warsaw

The House approved in plenary on Thursday a motion for a resolution by Vicky Reynaert (Vooruit), co-signed by the other parties of the Vivaldi majority, relating to the rule of law in Poland and the defense of the foundations of the European Union in this central European country. The text was supplemented by amendments inspired by a proposal by Sophie Rohonyi (DéFI) relating to women’s rights.

MEPs call on the federal government in particular to insist, with the other Member States, within the European Council, that a new procedure be opened against Poland in application of Article 7 TEU, relating to risks of violation of values founders of the EU.

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They also ask the government to plead with the European Commission so that it continues to retain the resources of the European Recovery Fund (Next Generation EU) intended for Poland and makes its presentation to the Council for approval conditional on compliance with it. ‘a number of conditions, including the end of the disciplinary regime for judges. The resolution also calls for condemnation of the policy of the Polish government on the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

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The N-VA and the PTB abstained. Vlaams Belang voted against.

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