Household levy instead of GIS: All changes at a glance

What is the difference between household levy and GIS?

The GIS is currently 18.59 euros. Including sales tax, the amount increases to 20.50 euros. There are also state taxes, which vary in the respective federal states. The household fee will make the work of the GIS inspectors superfluous, which is why you will be spared unwanted visits in the future. The new fee will be automatically deducted from your salary or pension and, according to “Kurier”, is 16.50 euros.

Important: No matter which end device you use, whether TV, PC, laptop or radio – the household fee is fixed and also applies to those who only stream. she is regardless of the consumption of the ORF offer consider.

With the household fee, the individual pays less, but overall more citizens are asked to pay. There will be adjusted conditions for social welfare recipients.

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