Housing: Montenegro says that the feasibility of diplomas by the PS was a “great victory” | Housing

The president of the PSD qualified as “a great victory” the feasibility in general by the PS of the social-democratic diplomas on housing, so that the socialist vote “was not an act of cynicism”.

“The PS enabled today [na quarta-feira] in general, all PSD diplomas on housing, through abstention, allowing the discussion of all initiatives to continue in the specialty, in the seat of the parliamentary committee”, congratulated the social-democrat leader, Luís Montenegro.

In an intervention in Évora, on Wednesday night, the president of the PSD considered that “it was a great victory” the fact that “none” of the social-democratic projects were rejected.

“I had already offered our projects to Dr. António Costa and the Government”, said Montenegro, stressing that, with the general approval in parliament, “this offer was consummated”.

The PS now has “the possibility in parliament to correct the blunder that it has been presenting in recent weeks regarding housing”, ironized the PSD leader.

“So this vote was not an act of cynicism or political hypocrisy and is, now, consequential in the work of the specialty”, warned Montenegro, guaranteeing that the PSD does not care that, “in the end”, the socialists “say that it was them which they approved”.

That doesn’t matter “if the rules are good for our young people, for our most vulnerable populations, for those who need to have a decent home, including those we want to call from abroad, the immigrants we want to bring here”, he said. .

In a speech at a party district assembly held in Évora, within the scope of the “Building the Alternative” Days, the PSD leader outlined the proposals for the housing sector prepared by the party, which “act in a triple dimension”.

“On the supply side, making sure that the councils, the Government can use the means they have, namely in the Recovery and Resilience Plan [PRR]to build houses, take advantage of the vacant houses of the State and put them at the service of the populations and, when they don’t want to do it, then let the private ones do it too”, said Montenegro.

“More flexible” licensing processes or without the “intervention of so many institutes and public entities” is another of the PSD’s proposals, which also defended “innovative modalities in terms of availability, use and sharing of houses or urban areas”.

On the demand side, Luís Montenegro defended “tax incentives, namely for young people, exemptions from IMT” (Municipal Tax on onerous transfers of real estate), without taking “money from the councils”, because “the State will compensate through the State Budget “.

The PS made generally all the PSD diplomas on housing possible, through abstention, allowing the discussion of all initiatives to continue in the specialty, in the seat of the parliamentary committee.

On Wednesday, at the end of the debate marked by the PSD on housing, the PS abstained in relation to the five diplomas of the Social Democrats (four bills and a resolution), which include measures such as the flexibility of licensing, support for leasing, State guarantees to help young people buy and generalized tax relief in the sector.



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