How about the conchudo!  Outraged thief left a complaint in an apartment because he couldn't find what to steal

Out of outrage, a thief left a written complaint on a sheet inside an apartment, where he had entered to steal valuables.

The owner of the apartment had been away for a long time, and when he returned, “he found his belongings scattered throughout the house and in the middle of the chaos a sheet of paper with an unusual text,” said the network ‘RT’.

As indicated by the owner of the property to local media, the subject left him a note claiming that he did not find anything of value to him that he could steal.

“If there was no money in the house, he shouldn’t have insured it,” wrote the thief.

However, despite the man’s blatant complaint, he did not leave empty-handed as he stole some jewelry and around $ 400 in cash (almost 1.5 million pesos).

The event went viral on social networks, and some users viewed with humor the impudence of the alleged thief.

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