After the shocking confession he made Thomas Kirzner the weekend when he was invited to PH, We can talk, where he revealed that at the age of 7 he was abused twice by a construction employee of the neighborhood in which he lived, his closest family circle manifested itself through the networks in its support.

A couple of years ago I told my family and my closest childhood friends. And my parents there got together again to say what to do with this situation. I was watching the news with my old woman and Fabi, I started to get a panic attack, I fainted and my old woman, alone, that this is good for a mother, she tells me, did something happen to you?“, Said the son of Adrian Suar in the air.

The day after the program Telefe, the first to go out to dedicate a few words to Toto (as he has been nicknamed since he was a child) was his sister, Torrente flower, who wrote on the networks, “You were always a special child, from the moment I met you. You went down in that elevator with that little light blue hat and eyes that said many things from the immensity of silence ”.

You are very brave baby, I know that many people on the other side feel identified with you, and surely they will join forces to remove everything that hurts them. Those 3 herpes are worth it. I love you with all my being. We are a big family, with our flaws and virtues, with our emotions and stories. I love you and I am very grateful to the family we chose“, Closed the actress.

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Hours later, and by the same route, it was Araceli Gonzalez who as a mother posted a touching letter on instagram for her son. “I can not sleep. Everything came to light, a year ago. The confinement caused different states that led us to be more honest, genuine in our actions and feelings. If there is something that I have learned in these years, it is to accompany and build ”he pronounced.

Adrián was conspicuous by his absence in the public sphere. The producer is reluctant to expose his personal life on social media.

And closed: “It is what saves us. Fundamentally, love. Nothing like love in the face of different adversities and experiences. We all walk with marks of life. But the most important thing is to work each one of them to live with that pain and transform it. We continue to walk, heal and love with passion without losing our air and space! Having pity for the other and respect “.

And just as the two female pillars of his life expressed their love and support for him, who was conspicuous by his absence, at least in the public sphere, was Adrian Suar. It is that although Tomás himself counted in PH that his parents joined when they found out what happened during his childhood and accompanied him, the truth is that the producer is quite reluctant to expose his personal life on social networks … and perhaps that is why he has not yet expressed himself.

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